Join us this Friday, July 28th in welcoming Brent Cobb to World Cafe Live for this week’s Free At Noon concert. The Georgia-born singer-songwriter is performing at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia with Luke Combs and more. He recently dropped two new singles in preparation for his new album Southern Star, releasing September 22nd.

Since 2006, Cobb has been working his way farther into the country music industry. His 2006 debut album No Place Left to Leave was originally released on CD only, before he landed a major label deal with Elektra for the release of his 2016 album Shine On Rainy Day. In between these steps towards a solo career, Cobb was living in Nashville, writing songs for mainstream country artists such as Luke Bryan’s 2011 “Tailgate Blues,” Little Big Town’s 2013 “Pavement Ends,” and Miranda Lambert’s 2016 “Good Ol’ Days.”

In 2016, his song “Down Home” was featured on his cousin Dave Cobb’s all-star country collaborative project Southern Family, marking one of his first appearances as a solo act before his major label debut was released. Since 2016, Cobb has gone on to release three new albums under his name, 2018’s Providence Canyon, 2020’s Keep ‘Em On They Toes, and 2022’s And Now, Let’s Turn to Page…. When reissuing No Place Left to Leave in 2020, Cobb created his own imprint Ol’ Buddy Records in order to take full control of his future master recordings.

The two newest singles “Southern Star” and “Patina” were released on June 9th and July 14th respectively, giving fans some insight towards his upcoming album Southern Star. The tracks combine folk, blues, and country, both featuring production from Oran Thornton, Rob Sumowski, and Cobb himself.

Tickets for Brent Cobb’s Free At Noon concert on July 28th are still available; click here to reserve yours!

Brent Cobb – Patina (Live Acoustic)
Brent Cobb - Southern Star (Official Music Video)