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“I’m a girl evolved and you don’t seem to get her,” remarks a discontented Lena Fine as balloons cascade down onto her, taunting her during what seems to be the most lonely party guest experience of all time (I’d probably give it a two-out-of-five star rating myself if I was in her shoes). In the music video for her newest single, “Stucktober,” the Philly singer-songwriter chases what could most closely be compared to a sliver of hope, manifested in the form of a light that relentlessly teases her until swallowing her whole following the dramatic conclusion of an accompanying cover of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe.” This two-part music video perfectly coincides with the tone of her release, encapsulating the feeling of not really knowing what you’re looking for, but knowing that you must keep searching within yourself to figure out what it is – even if you leave the party only to realize you’re back in the 1960s.

“Stucktober” is singable, head-bangable, and irrevocably Lucy Dacus-esque, all while staying true to Fine’s unique indie sensibilities. Delicate yet poignant lyrics point a finger toward an inadequate past flame, carried by a soft rock-driven instrumental that really makes you consider the implications of a not-so-happy ending to a once positive story. Fine’s “It Ain’t Me Babe” cover aptly ties the single and music video together, using similar themes of ex-lover’s remorse to reflect the introspective nature of “Stucktober” while evoking a feeling that can truly only be excavated by a piano ballad. Bob Dylan is great and all, but this cover puts his ideas into a completely new (and astutely feminine) perspective.

Check out the “Stucktober / It Ain’t Me Babe” music video below. If it transports you to 1964, neither I nor Lena Fine are legally responsible.

Lena Fine - Stucktober / It Ain't Me Babe
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