The Milk Carton Kids on World Cafe
The Milk Carton Kids
Studio Session
  • "All the Time in the World to Kill"
  • "Star Shine"
  • "North Country Ride"
  • "Charlie"
  • "When You're Gone"

That’s sort of what it felt like when the Los Angeles-based band The Milk Carton Kids started playing together, before they started getting nominated for Grammys, releasing albums and having families of their own.

That feeling of carefree play is what The Milk Carton Kids members Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale wanted to return to when they were making their latest album, I Only See the Moon. In this conversation, Ryan and Pattengale talk about how they threw out a first draft of the album, found that feeling of creative freedom again, and why their music isn’t actually as sad as it sounds.

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World Cafe: 08/14/2023