This Friday, an all-time great album reaches a major milestone: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill turns 25 years old. The solo debut (and only full-length studio album) by the New Jersey-born singer, songwriter, and MC is an impactful reflection on life, love and heartache, Black womanhood, coming of age, and the specific experience of growing up in East Orange.

To the album Philly-style 25 years to the day of its release, the four-piece all-women Neo-Soul band Black Canvas will perform Miseducation from front to back at World Cafe Live on August 25th with an array of guest vocalists from the local music community.

As we warm up for the show, we asked each band member why they’re excited to pay homage to this classic album, and what song they’re most excited to perform. Read what they had to say below, and get tickets to the concert at World Cafe Live’s website.

J’Shanna Lewis (keyboards, vocals)

“This album has reminded me of everyday life lessons and principles I should live by, That it doesn’t even matter where you come from, there’s a lesson in every single thing that you encounter. Some may not agree but it’s some reality.”

“The song I’m super excited to perform the most probably has to ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’. As soon as those harmonies come in, it captivates everyone. It’s the perfect vibe booster! It not only goes hard but this song is teaching you something. So I challenge everyone to not only catch the vibe but catch the lyrics because they’re important.”

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing)

Jazmine Pope (drums, vocals)

“This album means everything to not only me but a musician, a poet, whatever way you’re used in creating, it was made for us and for us to be inspired forever! Obviously it’s a classic album, but to me, she gave us creatives a voice.”

“The song that I am most excited to play is ‘Ex-Factor’ because… well, for one everyone relates to it in some way. We all feel connected as if we wrote the lyrics. It’s one of those songs you can sing the words with your eyes closed and just vibe through. That will be fun to see the crowd all singing together!”

Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor

Jamicka Johnson-Hector (bass, vocals)

“I am super excited to serve as the music director for this production because Mrs. Lauryn has been a big influence to me, as I discover myself as an artist. The way she speaks for women to love and respect themselves is something that I want to deeply reflect in my band and to hold as the standard to represent for all women.”

“I am most excited to perform ‘Nothing Even Matters’. This is my favorite off of the album because I love how the bass notes stick out and sets off this beautiful love groove. As a bassist, I appreciate when the bass is prominent in a song, that’s when I feel seen and heard.”

Lauryn Hill - Nothing Even Matters

Mollie Ducoste (violin, vocals)

“I’m honored to pay tribute to such an iconic album. I think it’s easy to take for granted how genre-bending it was for it’s time, so it’s only right to celebrate Lauryn’s album that still remains relevant 25 years later.”

“I’m most excited to play the title track, ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. It’s the most violin-heavy song from the album so I have the opportunity to bring that to life on the stage.”




Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill