At the end of last night’s Psychedelic Furs and Squeeze concert at The Met Philly, Glenn Tilbrook joked that the combo didn’t seem like it made sense, but the two bands do in fact go well together. This is a true statement – both artists made their names in the era of early 80s MTV, both are known for their thoughtful and insightful lyrics, and both clearly love playing live. 

The evening started with The Psychedelic Furs, led by charismatic frontman Richard Butler, who worked the stage and acted out the band’s hits like a great theater actor. His voice still sounds amazing 45 years into his career, and the rest of the band were remarkable players as well. Butler would often look over at his fellow Furs and smile giddily, or conduct saxophonist Mars Williams’ soaring solos. The band was as excited to play hits like “The Ghost in You,” “Heaven,” and “Pretty in Pink,” as we were to hear them.

The Psychedelic Furs | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Next up was Squeeze, who opened with their first big hit “Take Me I’m Yours,” and continued with about 90 more minutes of one classic after another. They played every track from their popular best-of collection Singles – 45’s and Under, and then some.  Surprises included the Chris Difford Argybargy track “Here Comes That Feeling,” and “What Have They Done?” which was featured on the soundtrack to the film When the Wind Blows. 

Regardless of the literary and at times very British lyrics of the band (see the very Cockney “Cool the Cats”), the crowd sang along word for word. The musicianship was also tremendous with Tilbrook throwing in Hendrix inspired riffs now and then, while keyboardist Stephen Large danced, grooved, and during “Slap & Tickle,” was downright chopping the keys throughout the song.

Squeeze | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Two bands, two jam-packed sets, no encores, 3000 fans singing along; for however much this tour might have seemed to be an unlikely pairing, it added up to one tremendous show.

The Psychedelic Furs
The Met Philly
  • Into You Like a Train
  • Mr Jones
  • Heaven
  • You'll Be Mine
  • Wrong Train
  • President Gas
  • The Ghost in You
  • In My Head
  • Pretty in Pink
  • No One
  • This'll Never Be Like Love
  • Sister Europe
  • Heartbeat
  • Love My Way
  • Heartbreak Beat
The Met Philly
  • Take Me I'm Yours
  • Hourglass
  • Up the Junction
  • Here Comes That Feeling
  • What Have They Done?
  • If I Didn't Love You
  • Another Nail For My Heart
  • Vanity Fair
  • Slap and Tickle
  • Electric Trains
  • Goodbye Girl
  • Annie Get Your Gun
  • Pulling Mussels from a Shell
  • Tempted
  • Cool For Cats
  • Black Coffee in Bed
  • Is That Love?