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2023.09.24 - Low Cut Connie - XPoNential Music Festival 2023

The last people standing at the XPN fest went into a frenzy when MMR radio legend Jacky Bam Bam joined WXPN’s Bruce Warren to introduce Low Cut Connie to the stage. After hours of on-again-off-again rain, the showers subsided just in time for the renowned Philly-based rock and roll group. Led by the perpetually charismatic founder and frontman Adam Weiner, the band embarked on their phenomenal headlining set.

The band played a wide range of songs from different albums, beginning with “Rio” from 2011’s Get Out The Lotion; always guaranteed to get a crowd riled up. Continuously catchy over the years, it’s a must hear at a Low Cut Connie show. Background singers Abigail Dempsey and Rocky Bullwinkel were in total sync with each other, twirling around with tambourines and harmonizing admirably with Wiener’s husky voice. After rocking out a couple more new cuts such as “DON’T GET FRESH WITH ME” and “ARE YOU GONNA RUN?,” Weiner reminisced on his last XPoNential set back in 2019 when he sang a cover of “Tomorrow” from the Broadway musical Annie. This resulted in the entirety of the crowd at Wiggins Park singing along with him as he made this cover an XPN fest tradition.

If there’s anything Adam Weiner loves to do on stage, it’s finding any possible moment to stand on top of his piano. The man is full of theatrics, constantly jump-kicking in the air and zestfully running to the edge of the stage to serenade his loving fans. His refusal to sit still made an immensely engaged audience wish the night would never end. Closing out the night with “WHIPS AND CHAINS” from their newest LP ART DEALERS, Weiner chose a graceful ending: balancing on top of his piano (again) while kicking the keys with his feet, letting out his last hoots and howls into the microphone as he tore his shirt to shreds.

The last night of the XPoNential music festival was unforgettable thanks to Low Cut Connie. Braving mother nature to see a band full of tough cookies made an entire day of standing in the rain totally worth it.

Low Cut Connie
XPoNential Music Festival
  • Dirty Water
  • Rio
  • Don't Get Fresh
  • All These Kids
  • Are You Gonna Run
  • Revolution Rock N' Roll
  • Whips And Chains
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