Radio listeners across the U.S. can learn about and listen to the vibrant sounds of Lisbon, Portugal’s music scene when it is featured on World Cafe, the daily music and interview program distributed by NPR. Lisbon’s diverse musical sounds will be heard in World Cafe’s “Sense of Place: Lisbon” series from Thursday, Sept. 28 through Wednesday, Oct. 4.

Since 2011, the World Cafe team (based at public radio station WXPN/Philadelphia, which produces World Cafe) has visited musical hotspots around the globe, where each city’s sights and sounds reverberate through exclusive interviews and studio sessions with local musicians and musical influencers. The resulting “Sense of Place” feature is heard by listeners of the 280 radio stations nationwide that carry World Cafe and online, with past sessions archived at World Cafe on NPR Music.

To bring the modern music of Lisbon to American listeners, World Cafe Host Raina Douris and Senior Producer Kimberly Junod visited some of the city’s prominent studios to record interviews and exclusive music sessions with some of its most renowned artists.

“Lisbon is a diverse, colorful, soulful city with an impressively deep ocean of music to explore,” said Douris. “Each of the artists we profiled in Lisbon come from different backgrounds, but each bring a passion to their work that has fueled their artistic journeys – and reminds you that music is one of the most integral ways we have to share the human experience, no matter where we are from or where we are going.”

Highlights that can be heard during “Sense of Place: Lisbon” are:

Thursday, Sept. 28: At Casa Independente arts space, singer-songwriter Maria Reis, who has recorded two albums with American musician Panda Bear, talks with host Raina Douris about the Cafetra Records indie label she founded in 2008, among other topics. Listeners will also be treated to hearing her perform some unreleased new songs.

Friday, Sept. 29: On the release date of his new album Timbre, listeners will hear internationally known singer Salvador Sobral in this interview and performance session recorded at Namouche Studios. Sobral gave Portugal its first Eurovision song contest win in 2017, when he won both the televote and jury vote with his performance of “Amor pelos dois,” which is still the highest-scoring in contest history.

Host Raina Douris with Salvador Sobral

Monday, Oct. 2: At the Casa Independente arts space, indie rock band Hause Plants members Dani Royo (of Madrid) and Guilherme Correia (of Lisbon) talk to host Raina Douris about the ties between the two cities, and some challenges they experience in Lisbon in building their career. Listeners will hear them perform selections from their 2022 EP as well as their new album, Field Trip to Coney Island.

Hause Plants perform for World Café’s “Sense of Place: Lisbon”

Host Raina Douris with members of Hause Plants

Tuesday, Oct. 3: This encore broadcast from the World Cafe archives features Mariza, one of Portugal’s most beloved fado (traditional Portuguese music) singers. The interview with former World Cafe host David Dye and her performance took place in 2016 following the release of her popular Mundo album.

Wednesday, Oct. 4: This episode explores the Lisbon-based Príncipe Discos label that specializes in music influenced by the African diaspora, with many of its artists coming from the African immigrant communities that surround the city. Highlighted is one of the label’s most prominent artists, the internationally acclaimed Afro-Portuguese electronic producer and DJ Nídia.

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