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“Wherever Is Your Heart,” the opening song and lead single on Brandi Carlile’s 2015 record The Firewatcher’s Daughter, is a raw and true ode about the highs and lows that comes with being alive. As a touring musician, this is a familiar matter to Carlile when dealing with constant changes, things never going as planned, and the ever-present fear of the unknown. Despite the challenges, there will always be people who can provide a sense of compassion and comfort during trying times.

Brandi Carlile found this comfort within her chosen family and twin bandmates Tim and Phil Hanseroth, who play bass, guitar, co-write songs and provide pleasing backing harmonies for her tracks. The group became so close that they all moved within a few miles from one another outside of Seattle, and visit often when they’re not on the road. Carlile co-wrote “Wherever Is Your Heart” with Tim in honor of this tight-knit family they’ve created.

The trio embarked on their mesmerizing Pin Drop tour back in 2015, where they played unplugged acoustic sets in small theaters across the country with no microphone or amps in sight. They were all starting up families and decided to bring their partners and children on the road with them. They brought along a camera crew as well to document such an intimate and special tour, capturing the highs and lows of life on the road. Carlile released the “Wherever Is Your Heart” music video that included snippets of behind-the-scenes footage to promote her three-part tour documentary. Filled with family, love, and unforgettable memories from such a unique tour, the video truly honed in on the essence of the song.

Full of tender intensity, emotional buildups and breakdowns, “Wherever Is Your Heart” reminds us that it’s okay to feel alone in a room full of people, to let nostalgia encapsulate us and reflect on past experiences. Carlile’s pleading voice begging “Oh God, forgive my mind” turns into an earnest demand. Through her quavering words, we are encouraged to embrace the fact that we never stop growing, never stop becoming, and no matter what road we find ourselves on, home is in the heart of people who make life worth living.

Brandi Carlile - Wherever Is Your Heart
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