Cosmic Guilt Free at Noon - 12.15.2023

WXPN warmly welcomed Philadelphia psych-folk sensations Cosmic Guilt to this week’s Free at Noon, treating our ears to a sonic delight before the band heads down to Wilmington — the home state for many of its members — to continue spreading their musical joy at Arden Gild Hall on Saturday. These veterans of XPoNential Music Festival 2022  have been a cherished favorite on XPN for some time now, and witnessing their live performance only solidifies the reasons why.

Sporting matching black jackets adorned with gold fringe along the arms and back, Cosmic Guilt made a grand entrance with cheers and applause from the packed house of fans. As they took their positions and prepared their instruments, the anticipation in the room grew. They kicked off their set with three songs from their upcoming album, Palace of Depression. “Bend the Truth,” “Magic Spell,” and “Pentecost” are feel-good Americana folk rock tunes that combine stories of life and love with intricately layered instrumentation. The interplay of the four guitars, the drummer Josh Friedman’s warm grooves complemented each song. The keyboard from Jared Loss further sustained the energy, filling every nook and cranny of the room with its accompaniment.

Following these three songs, lead singer James Everhart took a moment to reflect on their recent performance, calling it “A series of sounds from our new album that’s coming out very soon.” This served as a seamless segue into their next song, a new single from the record “Yesterday’s in the Astral Plane.” The song brimmed with melodious “oohs” and “aahs” from guitarist/vocalist George M. Murphy and vocalist Hannah Taylor, accompanied by pedal steel notes that sounded like Christmas bells, adding to the festive feelings of the holiday season.

As a first-time viewer of Cosmic Guilt, their performance Friday afternoon pleasantly surprised me, leaving me wanting more after what was supposed to be their final song, “Queen of the Dream.” This song, the first single from their upcoming record, concluded with an exhilarating guitar solo by Everhart. To my delight, they had an off-air encore tucked away, a surprise that their fans seemed to have anticipated. Cosmic Guilt is a force to be reckoned with, and if you’re seeking a phenomenal show this weekend, theirs at Arden Gild Hall tomorrow should be at the top of your list.

Cosmic Guilt
Free At Noon
  • Bend The Truth
  • Magic Spell
  • Pentacost
  • Astral Plane
  • Look At The Moon
  • Trouble's Hands
  • Cautious Lovers
  • Queen of the Dream