Here are 15 concerts to see in the next seven days, all around Philly. For tickets and more information, head to the WXPN Concert Calendar.

Sunday 1/21: Ruby The Hatchet at MilkBoy

Get ready for Ruby the Hatchet’s seamless blend of dark, doom-infused hard rock, and cult-inspired psychedelia on the MilkBoy stage. Creating a cosmic rock experience that is both mesmerizing and energizing, the band is known for their sinister riffs, heavy drumming, and haunting organ-driven melodies. Led by the powerful vocals of Jillian Taylor (also of Cosmic Guilt), Ruby the Hatchet’s journey began in the basements of New Jersey in 2011 before they made Philadelphia their home. The band has evolved over multiple releases, including their epic 2022 album, Fear Is a Cruel Master. Expect a bewitching night. // 7:30 p.m., $18, 21+

Ruby The Hatchet - Thruster

Monday 1/22: Michael Cera Palin at Foto Club

Based in Atlanta, Michael Cera Palin is band with a silly name that has earned their spot on many fans’ top emo bands lists. Forming in 2015, members Elliott Brabant, Jon Williams, and Chad Miller, delve lyrically into heavy themes such as self-harm and personal introspection. Their unique blend of influences from different genres, shaped by Atlanta’s diverse DIY music scene, results in a modern Midwest emo sound characterized by emotional intensity, energetic guitar riffs, and crashing drums. Despite a brief split in 2018, the band’s reunion in 2020 takes them on the road again bringing their passionate and personal music back to the stage. Make the trek out to Foto Club to see the band on Monday. // 7:30 p.m. $14.28, 21+

Michael Cera Palin live at Toast and Jam studios

Tuesday 1/23: Meet Me @ The Alter at TLA

“I’m a b*tch and my band is an industry plant” frontwoman Edith Victoria declares with winking wittiness on the recent Meet Me @ The Altar single “Say It (To My Face).” This rambunctious pop-punk band lets you know they’re aware of their haters but are too ambitious to really care. Speaking to NME early last year, they admitted “We’ve always wanted to be the biggest band in the world.” Since forming in 2015, the group signed to legendary pop-punk label Fueled By Ramen in 2018 and has toured and recorded tirelessly in the years since. Just months after a run with MUNA, the group brings their soaring emo anthems — chock full of crunchy, catchy guitar and soaring choruses — to the TLA this Tuesday. // 7:30 p.m., $38.50, AA

Meet Me @ The Altar - Say It To My Face

Wednesday 1/24: Dylan LeBlanc at MilkBoy

Dylan LeBlanc, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in the American South, makes music that’s influenced by his upbringing across many cities and regions. LeBlanc’s latest album, Coyote, tells the story of a man on the run from a troubled past, interwoven with LeBlanc’s own experiences. Tracks like “No Promises Broken” and “Wicked Kind” navigate through strife and redemption. With previous acclaimed releases, LeBlanc’s resilience and self-production shine through, making Coyote a testament to his unwavering musical spirit. Go on a journey through his many tales during his performance at MilkBoy on Wednesday. // 8 p.m., $20, 21+

Dylan Le Blanc - Coyote

Wednesday 1/24: Dinosaur Jr. at The Stone Pony

The Amherst alternative legends Dinosaur Jr. formed forty years ago, yet the group remains as electrifying as ever. With a sound once described by iconic frontman J. Mascis as “ear-bleeding country,” the group has long been a pillar of indie rock. There have been battles along the way — band-member beefs, an evolving line-up, even a 7-year hiatus at the turn of the millennium. Still, very few groups can be called true trailblazers in their genre while continuing to record and tour with unstifled creative spirit four decades into their career. As Dinosaur Jr. earns new fans and engages die-hard supporters each year, Mascis’ feedback-fueled grunge-y guitar sound continues to inspire multiple generations. Watch Mascis and co. blaze onward this Wednesday at The Stone Pony. // 7 p.m., $100 (verified resale), AA

Dinosaur Jr. - Feel The Pain

Thursday 1/25: Madonna at Wells Fargo Center

With Philly Bowie Week still ringing in our ears, it’s an apt time to shift our attention to another lifelong musical chameleon — pop icon Madonna, whose Celebration Tour makes its long-awaited visit to Philly this week. With no new album to promote, this production is out to showcase the breadth and depth of her 40-years-running catalog, as well as the poised personas that have presented it over the years. There’s Madonna the teen pop star, Madonna the ingenue, Madonna the sex god, Madonna the raver, Madonna the cowgirl, Madonna as Marie Antionette (okay, maybe we won’t get that early 00s look, but it might be cool?). With her stylized range comes an effervescent array of emotive music, from 80s dance to 50s throwbacks to 90s trance to the future sounds of the world. Per, Madonna has been taking the stage approximately three hours after doors on this tour (litigious concertgoers, please chill and prepare accordingly) but has been selecting city-specific openers from the EDM and DJ world to get the audience warmed up. We’re excited to see who that is at this Thursday’s Wells Fargo Center concert, but moreso, we’re excited to see Madonna at this Thursday’s Wells Fargo Center show. //7:30 p.m. (doors), $79.50 and up, AA

Madonna- Vogue

Thursday 1/25: Kelsey Cork and the Swigs at Fringe Bar

Kelsey Cork and the Swigs offer a cocktail of punk, blues, psychedelia, and garage rock that’s as refreshing as it is raucous. These Philadelphians are known for their energetic live performances that get the crowd dancing. They embrace the grit and spirit of the city, crafting catchy hooks and lyrics that reflect the reality of living on the edge. Come dismantle the status quo with Kelsey Cork and the Swigs and celebrate life’s imperfections during their show Thursday at Fringe Bar, the latest in the venue’s series of free and Philly-centric programming. // 8 p.m., Free, 21+

Lollygaggers On South Broad: Kelsey Cork & The Swigs Make An Album | Hangin' Out With The Girls

Thursday 1/25: Torres at The Foundry

Under the pseudonym Torres, Mackenzie Scott has been crafting evocative music since 2013. Her sixth studio album, What an enormous room, is proof of her artistry. Recorded in Durham, North Carolina, and produced by Torres and Sarah Jaffe, the album features ten introspective songs that showcase her multi-instrumental talent. With her wife Jenna by her side, Torres’ music explores profound themes and emotions, creating a captivating and personal musical experience that you won’t want to miss at The Foundry. // 8 p.m., $27.50, AA


TORRES - Thirstier (Official Video)

Friday 1/26: Kaki King at McCarter Theatre

Dave Grohl once told NME “There are some guitar players that are good and there are some guitar players that are really f*cking good. And then there’s Kaki King.” Since her 2003 debut Everybody Loves You, King has astonished listeners with her virtuosic skills while evading categorization with an evolving sound. Her early work showcased her solo guitar playing, singular in its stylistic fingerpicking flair. Since then, she has incorporated more instruments, recorded soundtracks for films such as Into the Wild and Twilight, and collaborated with artists ranging from Grohl and Eddie Vedder to hip-hop producer Timbaland. King’s sound has widened to encompass jazz, rock, and pop but her astonishing skills as an instrumentalist remain a throughline amidst it all. Rolling Stone has heralded her as both “a genre unto herself” and the youngest of “The New Guitar Gods.” Onstage, King matches her unique sound with a thrillingly original multi-media spectacle, controlled by her own live guitar playing. Don’t miss this sensational and ever-evolving modern guitar master at the McCarter Theater on Friday. // 8 p.m., $25 and up, AA

Kaki King: 'The Surface Changes' live | Loop

Friday 1/26: Greg Sover at Lititz Shirt Factory

Singer/guitarist Greg Sover is a true student of the blues-rock legends that have preceded him. When listening to his music, one can certainly hear the influence of Muddy Waters, Lenny Kravitz, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, yet he remains rooted firmly in the now. On his most recent release His-Story, Sover sings personal stories of heartache, loss, family, and temptation. He also includes two covers of songs by Jimi Hendrix, one of his biggest influences. These tracks feature bassist Billy Cox, the only surviving member from Hendrix’s touring days. Sover will bring his blues and blistering guitar playing to the Lititz Shirt Factory this Friday. // 8 p.m., $20, AA

Greg Sover - Full Set (The Key Studio Sessions)

Friday 1/26: In Lieu Of Roses at Ortlieb’s

Philly four-piece In Lieu Of Roses takes songs rooted in emo intimacy and projects them onto a cinematic landscape. Fronted by singer-guitarist Eric Naroden (who also can be seen around town drumming for Puppy Angst), the band released its second EP, For Eternity, last fall, and the math-y complexity of its interlocked guitar lines is given lift by soaring synth atmospheres and vocal harmonies by the band’s Aub Connelly, particularly on the single “Portal To A Sunset.” Rounded out by drummer Dylan Justice and bassist Logan Reilling, the band plays Ortlieb’s this Friday night with psychedelic Philly noisemakers Lito & the Shepherds, as well as North by North and Gartenhead. // 8 p.m., $12, 21+

In Lieu Of Roses - Portal To A Sunset

Friday 1/26: The Last Generation on Film at Johnny Brenda’s

Even as they transition from music-makers to event-curators (check out their various DJ nights popping up on the calendar), you’re guaranteed at least one live and in person gig from The Last Generation On Film per year, and it’s usually a banger. This time they’re paired up with electo-rock and soul outfit Neowolf, as well as emerging spacey rock band Plastic Parents for a solid Friday night show in Fishtown. // 8 p.m., $12, 21+

The Last Generation On Film - Happy

Saturday 1/27: Juliana Hatfield at Sellersville Theatre

Over a career spanning three decades, Juliana Hatfield has proved herself as a veritable veteran of indie-rock. Her career began when she formed Blake Babies in the mid 80’s while still enrolled at Berklee College of Music. After her first band’s dissolution, Hatfield joined The Lemonheads and recorded backup vocals and bass on their famed breakout project It’s a Shame About Ray. In the years since, she has released an impressive run of solo albums, toured with X and formed her own various groups including the I Don’t Cares and The Juliana Hatfield Three. Her latest project, a full-length album of covers entitled Juliana Hatfield Sings ELO, marks another left-turn as she tackles the music of the classic pop-rock icons. See her in an intimate setting this Saturday at The Sellersville Theatre. // 8:00 p.m., $29.50 and up, AA

Juliana Hatfield - Can't Get It Out Of My Head

Saturday 1/27: 2nd Grade at The Grape Room

2nd Grade, the power pop Philly band, fuses together a whole host of influences to create their own fresh, infectious sound. Led by Peter Gill, the band blends feel-good classic rock melodies with a modern indie feel. Their songs are often peppered with references to 90’s pop-culture touchstones such as VH1, MTV, Seinfield, and Rolling Stone magazine covers. Above all, their music is fun, light, and fast-paced, littered with jangly guitars and catchy choruses. Gill also plays in the Philly band Friendship, while 2nd Grade has previously toured with the local indie rock group Slaughter, Beach Dog. Fellow locals Log Flume, Ketch Up, and The Blackburns join 2nd Grade at The Grape Room on Saturday. // 8:30 p.m., $10, 21+

2nd Grade - Cover of Rolling Stone

Saturday 1/27: Discotopia with DJ Robert Drake and Disco Hoot at World Cafe Live

Nobody spins the 80s like our own DJ Robert Drake; nobody puts together a down-to-earth outer space dance party suited for light-up floor tiles and hoedown boots like the West Philly party collective Disco Hoot. With the two joining forces downstairs at World Cafe Live this Saturday, you’re guaranteed a night of 70s and 80s funk / soul / new wave / pop songs you know by heart, whether they’re coming from eight fabulously-attired people holding instruments, or the guy behind the wheels of steel. // 8 p.m., $15, AA

Disco Hoot - Full Set