It’s been six long years since Philly heavy rock outfit Restorations put out an album and they’re more than ready to go. Announced today, the band’s self-titled Restorations will be self-released on March 22nd, and with the news came their single “Cured.”

Emerged from the ashes of previous project, frontperson Jon Loudon’s Jena Berlin, Restorations carved out a unique sound in the Philadelphia DIY punk scene. The upcoming record has been in the works for around four years and saw the members spread out between new home bases in Philly, Asheville, and Buffalo. The bandmates found time for long-form practice sessions at Philadelphia’s Retro City Studios and Gradwell House Recording in New Jersey; guitarist Dave Klyman engineers at at Retro City Studios and lent his skills to the final sound of the record.

A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the album’s creation was shared in a Instagram post this week featuring a video shot by Sean Quilty at The Gradwell House, highlighting the band’s recording process. The caption also paid homage to the late Steve Poponi, a revered sound engineer, mentor, and supporter of Restorations for over two decades. Poponi’s influence and support have been instrumental in the band’s journey, the band said, providing a creative space that nurtured the writing process of the new record. It’s a nine track rock album of loud, jubilant guitar music that feels immediate and intimate, just like the sessions that produced them.

“Cured” has Dan Zimmerman’s grease-slicked basslines layered against Jeff Meyers’ assertive drums as he takes the reins on the song, Jon Loudon’s vocals rip through it all with “God only answers to say ‘no,’’ a raw belt as clear and powerful as it’s ever been. The guitar leads ebb and flow, combusting, falling apart, but steam back into view throughout the song; all the while, the enormous bass and drums pound forward  like any classic Restorations track that you can recall. Though their sound hasn’t changed much from the past, they have refined it and sound tighter than ever.

For fans eager to dive into the new music, pre-orders for Restorations are now open on the band’s merch website, along with a collection of visually striking graphic tees and long sleeves. A run of album release shows has also been announced, including one at the First Unitarian Church on April 20th with Signals Midwest and Town Liar. Check out their new single “Cured” to quench your anticipation and get a taste of what’s to come from Restorations.

Tour Dates
4/19/24- Deep Cuts, Boston, MA w/ Signals Midwest, mk naomi
4/20/24- First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA w/ Signals Midwest, Town Liar
4/21/24- TV Eye, Brooklyn, NY w/ Signals Midwest