Philly four-piece So Totally recently announced that they’ll release their next album via Tiny Engines, the North Carolina indie label that over the years has released music by a host of Philly artists including Mannequin Pussy and Restorations. The indie noise-pop four-piece will release their latest album, Double Your Relaxation, in May of this year. The band has always veered between calm, catchy melodies and a heavier, shoegaze-y sound, and we hear that in full on their latest single.

“Distinct Star” totally epitomizes So Totally’s balance with a transfixing mix of fuzzy guitars and beautiful harmonies. The group has listed a wide variety of influences: Land of Talk, The Breeders, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Spirit of the Beehive, the Swirlies. Philly is overflowing with shoegaze bands – but So Totally stands out even amongst the crowded scene. On Instagram, the band teased their upcoming project with a video depicting a billboard of a swirling portal. Fans are eagerly anticipating the new music, after the release of their last album, In the Shape of…, five years ago.

Listen to “Distinct Star” below, and pre-order Double Your Relaxation here.


So Totally - Distinct Star