Last year, WXPN named The Kentucky Gentlemen an Artist to Watch for the month of March and welcomed the group for the Black Opry Residency. This included a week-long creative residency for five rising Black musicians making Americana music; the event concluded with a final public performance. Twin brothers Derek and Brandon Campbell are the musicians who make up the Kentucky Gentlemen. The men grew up singing in church in Versailles, Kentucky but have always been interested in a wide variety of genres. You can hear that in their music, which blends country storytelling, pop-rock grandeur, and the occasional rap beat into something totally fresh.

Their latest single “Beg Your Parton” is a light-hearted tribute to one of the pair’s biggest influences, Dolly Parton. On the chorus, they sing “You can make your own scene, just don’t be a Jolene, If anybody’s got a problem, I beg your Parton.” The song is an uptempo jam that honors a country legend while inspiring a danceable party atmosphere. In a music video for the track, they further honor the singer by donning rhinestones.

The brothers have called Parton “a constant source of inspiration and blueprint.” They explained the title by noting “Over the years, whenever folks hint at us as being a little over the top, the two of us started joking saying to each other ‘I Beg Your Parton?,’ and after a while that phrase started to serve as a reminder to keep going and doing our thing no matter the obstacle or whispers we may hear.”

Last year, the band released the singles “Leave Right Now” and “Neon Cowboy.” You can learn more about the duo by reading our WXPN Artist to Watch announcement and watching their WXPN Black Opry Residency performance.

The Kentucky Gentlemen - Beg Your Parton