A quote from Toni Morrison inspired the title of Jamila Woods‘ latest record: “All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.”

Speaking at a library in New York, Morrison was referring to the Mississippi River, which always finds its natural shape in spite of human manipulation. On Water Made Us, Woods charts a different kind of pathway, through the emotional stages of a romantic relationship.

“It’s such a comforting idea to me, that we are always routed back to our source, whether it’s a higher power or how we were born into the world,” Woods tells World Cafe during a video call. “You weren’t born into the world with insecurities or heartbreak. You were just breathing and wanting love, and we are always rooted back to that.”

Jamila Woods - Tiny Garden (Official Video)

Woods’ latest effort is a shift in focus for the songwriter and poet. Whereas Heavn and Legacy! Legacy! explored Black girlhood and iconic Black artists like James Baldwin and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Water Made Us is decidedly more introspective. As Woods guides us through the life cycle of a relationship, you get a deeper understanding of who she is as an artist and an individual.

In this session, Woods talks about sticking to tried-and-true creative methods, adapting her music for live performance, and the viral Allen Iverson moment that inspired her song “Practice.”

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