Rachel Andie’s soothing vocals glide over a serene blend of instruments in “Kabutomushi,” the first single off her upcoming album. Delicate yet spacious, nostalgic yet present, the song features a flute solo that can only be described as tranquil. It’s a gorgeous song, marking Andie’s first release in six years.

Although she is currently based out of New Zealand, Andie grew up between Philadelphia and Japan. Her music is a sonic blend of her roots, and “Kabutomushi” is no different.

“Kabutomushi (カブトムシ) are a type of rhinoceros beetle often kept as pets by children in rural Japan. Growing up in Nagano during my summers as a child, some of my favorite memories were hanging out with friends before/after school and playing sumo battle games with our beetles. I wrote this song about returning to my homeland and reconnecting to memories of a distant past,” shared Andie in an Instagram post. 

You can listen to “Kabutomushi” here, and check out Andie’s Key Studio Session from last year.


Rachel Andie - “Glaucous” (The Key Studio Sessions)