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Fresh off a world tour, Elmiene kicked off NON-COMM with a set that was part stand-up, part soulful, and wholly heartfelt.

The British-Sudanese singer-songwriter’s playful personality shone through the minute he stepped on stage. “This is the most Taurus shit I could do, naming every Philly musician I can think of,” he announced after shouting out Boyz II Men and Questlove as two Philly artists whom he had on his mind before the show.

He then swiftly transitioned into his first song of the night, “Marking My Time.” The title track from his debut EP, released last October, is a passionate song about noting and celebrating personal milestones. Elmiene’s high notes and heartfelt vocals earned cheers from the audience.

“Being on stage is a very terrifying, evil superpower,” exclaimed Elmiene in between his songs, “I can say anything!” He went on to deliver a couple of expletives before an audience member told him that he was on the radio, earning more exclamations from Elmiene and laughs from the crowd.

After a spellbinding performance of “Mad at Fire,” Elmiene resumed his banter with the crowd, “Someone once told me that all you need in between songs is to give words of wisdom and then move on… I guess those were the words of wisdom, so let’s move on.” And move on he did, diving into “Someday,” another song off his EP.

It was only Elmiene and his guitarist, Franklin on stage, but his presence filled up the room. Everyone was spellbound during his songs, captivated by his belting and stage presence. His songs are reminiscent of ‘90s soul and R&B, but Elmiene brings a modern twist to the genre – there’s something personal about them, allowing his good nature to shine through.

If audience members didn’t know Elmiene beforehand, they know him now. He introduced himself well, leaving a lasting impression on the audience, and perhaps gaining a few extra fans along the way with his spirited energy.

  • Marking My Time
  • Mad At Fire
  • Someday
  • Anyway
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