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2024.05.07 - The Red Clay Strays - NonComm 24

The Red Clay Strays took NON-COMM by storm as the NPR Music Stage’s second act. It’s been said that they are the next big thing in Southern rock, and from what I witnessed, they’re living up to that hype. Their performance paid homage to classic rock with a hint of country and a modern twist.

The opening “Ramble,” steeped in the sounds of classic rock, reminded me of “Hound Dog” with its fast tempo, paradiddle drumming, and heightened vocal energy. So it’s not hard to believe they are out there sharing the stage with heavy-hitters like Elle King and Dierks Bentley. Their sound is a matured blend of classic styles that bend to heavier hard rock, but they wouldn’t show us this until the very end of their set.

The next track, “Stone’s Throw,” opens their 2022 album Moment Of Truth and starts off with a mellow deep-toned bass guitar that invites the lead singer Brandon Coleman’s southern vocal stylings in, creating a bouncy rhythm mimicked by the drums that follow, that song is rich in texture, you can tell they’re not just playing music; they’re feeling it deep down.

Drummer John Hall, dubbed the “mad man” of the band, lived up to his name, hammering out rhythms that kept the crowd on its toes, while frontman Coleman, the “man of stone,” commanded the stage with his haunting vocals and a presence that could give Elvis a run for his money. The break in between allowed Coleman to thank WXPN and the audience of music lovers before him. He also shared that it was their first time playing “Good Godly Women” live, so we got a special treat this evening.

The highlight of their set came with the set closer “Wandering Why,” a fan favorite and another off their debut album. The crowd already hooting and hollering got even more lit up — singing along, dancing, some even doing some good ol’ head banging, the energy was through the roof. The Red Clay Strays aren’t just a band you listen to; they’re a band you experience, and if you haven’t done that yet, make it a point. In April they were WXPN’s Artist to watch, and their journey is just beginning.

Red Clay Strays
  • Rambling
  • Stone's Throw
  • Good Godly Woman
  • Wandering Why
  • Don't Care
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