Earlier this month, Jamie xx announced his third album, In Waves. This week, he released the third single from the album, “Life,” which features Swedish popstar Robyn. This collaboration is a match made in heaven, resulting in a fun, charged song that elicits at least a head nod, and at best, a sweaty night on the dance floor. The cover art only elevates the track, seemingly pulsing along with the beat, creating an electric throb that is just as hypnotizing as Robyn’s repetition of “You’re giving me life” throughout the song.

“I made this track pretty fast (for me) and I loved it from day one,” share Jamie xx in an Instagram post, “When I first heard Robyn’s vocal it was at 6am after finishing playing at Pacha in Ibiza, it was the perfect moment. Robyn and I have spent time working together and hanging out for some years now, it’s always a joy and always inspiring, I’m so glad and grateful that she is a part of In Waves. Thank you Robyn for bringing this track to life!” The admiration is mutual, and Robyn added in a statement of her own, “I just want to see how ‘Life’ gets people dancing this summer. I can’t wait for that. Jamie is such a brilliant creator, I’m excited to be part of his album.”

In Waves will be released on September 20.

Jamie xx - Life feat. Robyn