Is it corny to say Fontaines D.C.’s new song will be an instant favourite? Maybe, but I’ll say it anyway. With nostalgic guitar and a chorus that is reminiscent of the band’s earlier releases (like 2020’s A Hero’s Death), it’s an instant classic, spurred on by a cyclical, never-ending sound that balances on the edge of jangle-pop.

“Favourite” debuted at the band’s pop-up show in Brooklyn back in May, and was played here at XPN during the band’s NON-COMM set. With thoughtful, introspective lyrics, it’s a sentimental track that sharply contrasts the band’s previous single “Starburster,” which saw the band embrace post-punk, both sonically and visually. While “Starburster” was inspired by frontman Grian Chatten’s experiences of panic attacks, “Favourite” can be seen as a different take on anxiety, navigating a bittersweet cycle of joy, sadness, and love. Although this is only the second glimpse at the upcoming album (not counting the teaser of the title track that was posted on YouTube), it suggests a varied album, with the band unafraid to push boundaries.

The single was released alongside a music video directed by the band. Shot in Madrid, which is notably where guitarist Carlos O’Connell grew up, it shows the band exploring the city, interposed with childhood videos of each band member. The result is a music video that portrays the nostalgia of the song, contrasted with the band’s alternate, ever-evolving look. 

“This video is a reminiscing of the past; of each other’s childhoods we didn’t know. To see people we know on an intimate level as adults in the tender ages of childhood, we explore where we came from, and who on some level, still are. I see a lot of familiar faces being pulled, and the antics these lads are undertaking in their videos are so disarming and vulnerable to see. I am at times reminded of boyish mannerisms that they’ve grown out of in the time I’ve known them – and some that they haven’t. I feel their souls there,” shared bassist Conor Deegan in a press release, “I would like this video to serve as a way of honouring our friendships, and moving from that, the relationships we hold dear. Our mothers, fathers, siblings, aunties and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers. Those who we still have, and those we have sadly lost. We haven’t lost that connection to each other, and are not afraid to come of age again, holding on to romance in a sometimes trying world.”

“Favourite” is the closing track on Fontaine D.C.’s upcoming fourth album, Romance, which will be released on August 23 via XL Recordings. The band will be celebrating the release with a run of shows in the fall, which will close right here in Philly at The Fillmore on October 20, with support from New York rockers Been Stellar. You can find more information at WXPN’s Concert Calendar. We’ll see you there!

Fontaines D.C. - Favourite (Official Video)