San Diego-based Thee Sacred Souls are back and in full swing. This week they announced their sophomore album, Got A Story To Tell with the release of lead single “Lucid Girl.” They also announced their biggest tour yet, complete with a stop in Philly.

“Lucid Girl” started as an instrumental that drummer and guitarist Alejandro Garcia came up with last Christmas, giving way for vocalist Josh Lane to work his smooth, crooning magic. “A good instrumental tells a story on its own,” shared Lane in a statement. The track envisions a woman who refuses to be held down; as if in a lucid dream, she does what she wants, how she wants. It has a timeless sound, with all the soulful characteristics that fans love about Thee Sacred Souls. 

The music video for the single was filmed at the Comptown Cowboys ranch in Compton, LA. It features the band sitting around a burning campfire, intermixed with clips of equestrian Zoie Brogdon on the ranch. There’s an easy, almost hazy feeling to the video, capturing the smooth vibes of the song.

Opening with the line “I’ve got a story to tell,” “Lucid Girl” is a heartfelt song that sets the tone for an album full of narratives, as the title would suggest. The album was born out of the band’s experiences on their last tour, encapsulating the creativity that came with the chaos of being on the road.

Got A Story To Tell  drops on October 4 via Daptone Records, and Thee Sacred Souls will embark on a tour starting this summer, with a stop at the Fillmore Philadelphia on November 9th. Get your tickets via the XPN Concerts and Events page.

Thee Sacred Souls "Lucid Girl" (Official Music Video)