The build-up of summer has erupted, and now there’s no way out of the sticky, molasses heat, except through. So, here to help you cool off with summer vibes, are five summer-themed performances to watch indoors under the AC vent.

Slaughter Beach, Dog – Full Set (Free At Noon Concert)

Bonus points to Slaughter Beach, Dog for being doubly on theme with “beach” in their name and with this performance of “Summer Windows” from their 2023 LP Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling to close out their stellar Free At Noon set last November.

Slaughter Beach, Dog - Full Set (Free At Noon Concert)

Stereo League – “Summer Night Sounds” (Free At Noon Concert)

In another Free At Noon performance, Stereo League played showcased their more desert-y sound with “Summer Night Sounds,” and evoke the chill of a cool, nigh-time breeze after a hot summer day.

Stereo League - "Summer Night Sounds" (Free At Noon Concert)

Ratboys – NonComm 2024 (Full Performance)

Forget what we said about AC, Non-Comm ’24 guests Ratboys say to “Go Outside,” and describe the unbeatable feeling of sticking your toes in the sand. Their full set was just made watchable last week.

Ratboys - NonComm 2024 (Full Performance)

Eight – “On The Beach” (The Key Studio Sessions)

Sunglass-clad, the Philly group Eight performed their song “On The Beach” for the Key Studio Sessions last April. Their grungy sound gives a Philly street-wise vibe to the tranquil scene they describe: sitting on the beach with your friends reading magazines and drinking soda.

Eight - “On The Beach” (The Key Studio Sessions)

War- Full Set (NON-COMM 2023)

And finally, War’s iconic “Low Rider” is a summer anthem if we’ve ever heard one. The whole high-energy set pushed the limit of how much the NON-COMM crowd can move.

War- Full Set (NON-COMM 2023)

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