Brooklyn rock band Pom Pom Squad is back with a new single and a new direction. You might’ve heard them being buzzed about back in 2021 when the brilliant pop-punk record Death of a Cheerleader, a promising debut that was remarkably well-executed for a first start. Three years later, Pom Pom Squad returns with “Downhill,” a single that comes on the precipice of a new record and a completely new sound.

“Downhill” is a radio-ready single that’s just aching to be a hit. It’s a saturated dance track with a beefy bassline and some propulsive synthwork centered around the ever-so-trendy vi-ii-V-I chord progression (you might recognize it as the chord progression behind Miley Cyrus’s inescapable “Flowers,” as well as countless other female-empowerment anthems.) It’s a bold move for an indie rock band, but frontwoman Mia Berrin is nothing if not bold – her lyrics detail a woman on the edge, excitedly imploring the listener to join her on her downward spiral. Between the manic lyrics and the sugary production, “Downhill” has all the ingredients you need for a TikTok hit.

You can watch the video for “Downhill” below.

Pom Pom Squad - Downhill