Okay, fine, we’ll add more noise to the din of Glastonbury coverage. But it’s with good reason, okay? Each of the five artists below are XPN favorites, artists who’ve made it to stages like this through years of hard work. Enjoy some music video coverage of Glastonbury 2024 from artists on repeat. We’re different, we promise.

The Last Dinner Party 

Since their debut album dropped in February, The Last Dinner Party have enjoyed success in the streaming world. But on the stage at Glastonbury, they proved that they’re incredible live, too. In their best baroque-pop chic, The Last Dinner Party killed it with a rendition of their hits “Nothing Matters” and “My Lady of Mercy.”

The Last Dinner Party - Nothing Matters (Glastonbury 2024)


After headlining Glastonbury this year, Coldplay broke a tie with The Cure to officially become the most-headlined band at the fest. In their set, they debuted a song with Little Simz that presumably will be making it to their upcoming album, Moon Music. The band also invited Michael J. Fox to play guitar on “Fix You” and “Humankind” in an emotional performance.

Coldplay - Fix You (Glastonbury 2024)

LCD Soundsystem

Before headliner Dua Lipa took the stage, electronic-punk collective LCD Soundsystem was there to play their classic 2007 track “All My Friends.” Since they regrouped in 2015, they’ve released two albums and dropped a single earlier this year. On the Pyramid stage, this rendition of “All My Friends” was powerful.

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (Glastonbury 2024)

Janelle Monáe 

Artist, actress and rapper Janelle Monáe also took to the Pyramid stage Sunday. Though their set was at the same time as Avril Lavigne and a soccer game, Monae gave it her all and paid tribute to LGBT icons in her set. After performing “Float” and “Champagne Shit” covered in flowers in a Midsommar-like outfit, Monae returned with impressive vocals and a costume change for “Lipstick Lover,” “Django Jane” and more.

Janelle Monáe - Lipstick Lover (Glastonbury 2024)

Jessie Ware

Is Jessie Ware truly XPN-core? Maybe, maybe not, but in a set that could get anyone hype, the indie pop artist debuted her new single “Lift You Up,” a collab with Romy of the xx. “I was so excited to be in the room with my friend and to see how she works and to hear her beautiful voice,” Ware said in a press release. The disco and soul star also played “Free Yourself” from the 2023 album That! Feels! Good!


Jessie Ware - Lift You Up (feat. Romy) (Glastonbury 2024)