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Ticket Giveaway FAQ

Congrats on winning tickets from WXPN! You may have some questions and we’re here to help. 

Currently, the Ticket Giveaway of the Week typically ends Thursdays at 11:59 PM ET, and the winner should receive an email on Friday by 11 AM ET. If you didn’t receive an email by then, sorry charlie, it means to try again next week. If you did receive an email notifying you that you’ve won, you will need to reply to the email to confirm your acceptance of the tickets by the following Monday at 10 AM ET. 

We are currently only offering e-tickets or adding the winner’s name to a guest list or will call, so there is no need to pick up anything from the station.


What happens if I can no longer go to the show that I won tickets to?
For mobile tickets, once you have them in possession, you can transfer them to whoever you choose. If the tickets are guest list or will call, contact us at least 48 hours before the show so we can request to change the name on the list to your friend’s name (if it’s less time than that, we cannot guarantee we can help).

If you don’t have anyone to transfer the tickets to, feel free to email back the Marketing team member who initially reached out to you to donate them back to WXPN. 


The show I won tickets to was postponed, can I get tickets to another show?
Most of the time if a show is postponed, there will be a rescheduled date announced and your tickets will be good for the new date (but we will contact you to confirm).

I won tickets to a show that was canceled, can I get tickets to another show?
If a show is canceled with no make-up date, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee tickets to another show, but will do our best to accommodate.


I’m at the venue but the box office/door is telling me I’m not on the list!
Do not fret! Please send a TEXT MESSAGE to 267-603-7503 with an update on the situation and that person will do their best to assist you. And if we’re not able to get you into the show, we’ll certainly find another way to make it up to you.


When will I receive my mobile tickets?
We receive mobile tickets at random times, it could be six months before the show or a few days beforehand, or sometimes even the morning of! As soon as we have the tickets, we will email them to you. If it’s 2-3 business days before the show and you still don’t have your tickets, please check your spam folder. If they’re not there, feel free to contact WXPN. 

It’s the day of the show and I still haven’t heard about my tickets yet – what should I do?
Please reach out to the original person from the WXPN Marketing team who contacted you ASAP.


I won tickets to a show last week but there’s another show I want to enter this week. Can I win again??
Listeners who have won tickets through the Ticket Giveaway of the Week are ineligible to win tickets again for 90 days. However, if you won tickets to a show which was canceled, your eligibility period resets and you’re able to enter for a chance to win tickets again.

I saw there’s a “Donate to win tickets” contest; does the 90 day window prevent me from donating to XPN for a chance to win if I recently won a pair of tickets as part of the Ticket Giveaway of the Week?
Great question! No, that is a separate contest run by our membership department so therefore, you can still enter that contest with a legitimate chance to win. The 90 day window only applies to the Ticket Giveaway of the Week. 


Once you have received the tickets from WXPN and/or enter the venue, it’s out of our hands. Any issues that arise are the responsibility of the ticket winner.

I lost something at the show I won tickets to, WXPN can you help??
Oh no! We unfortunately are not the right contacts for something like this. We would recommend reaching out to the venue directly to report anything lost or stolen.