Eric Bazilian's "One Of Us" to be featured on tonight's episode of Glee - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

If God were one of us, would He/She watch Glee? Probably not. But only because, as the Supreme Being—and Seer Of All Things That Have Ever Happened, Are Happening, And Will Happen—it’s not as if God has to tune in to Fox on Tuesday nights in order to find out what crisis the kids in New Directions are dealing with at William McKinley High School each week. (And—if His Holy Holiness is too busy watching mankind commit various atrocities against each other in His name to plop His Omnipresent Butt down on His couch and watch a little television—He can probably afford to get a DVR from Comcast.) Either way, we’re definitely looking forward to the cast of Glee performing Joan Osborne‘s 1995 hit single, which The Hooters founding member Eric Bazilian wrote for her album Relish.

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