You know, we were going to add this as an update on our recent post about the M83 show at Union Transfer selling out in seven minutes. Buuut, it’s pretty deserving of its own post. Below, you can read one angry scalper’s response, which was just posted on R5 Production’s Facebook. (Warning for NSFW language + general assholery):

From one of the M83 scalpers : “Ok refund my money then. Your doing a real good job preventing scalpers from buying your tickets considering there are already 160 of them on Stubhub. Why dont you find something better to worry about then the secondary ticket market? How about trying to book some decent shows. I buy millions of dollars worth of tickets all over the country per year. Your lineup is pathetic. You get one good show and think your some big boss man. Well your obviously a fuckin broke dick loser hater. Good job on getting one decent show for your pathetic little production company. Refund my money right away you fuckin piece of shit. Thanks Bitch.”

Thanks for giving us something else to post about on a slow Friday afternoon, you angry dork!