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Canada is a progressive math rock band from West Chester/Downingtown, PA that recently released their debut album Stay HomeStylized by tapping and shredding guitars, strange time signatures, and some Nintendo electronic sounds, this young experimental band creates a sound that does not stay rooted in one place for very long.

While this band can be labeled as progressive, or math rock, their music does not fit into any genre as easily as you’d think. Album opener “Adam’s Ravine” is a catchy and heartbreakingly beautiful intro song that leads right into the goofy first single “Pizza Twins.” This song screams influence from TTNG, with laid back but swift guitar lines that pull you into every verse until the music explodes in a chorus about the band’s love of pizza. The rest of the album is not as lyrically laid back, but brings up personal problems such as the desire to Stay Home and out of social situations, while playing music that can go from out in space to down to earth in seconds. The final song on the album, “I Really Wasn’t Joking When I Told You to Take Your Feet Off the Dashboard” takes its time building up to being the heaviest song on the album, but when it gets there it explodes into powerful riffs, pounding drums and belting vocals.

This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brian Davis at School of Rock in Downingtown, PA. Catch Canada at The Fire on October 20th at 5 p.m. with Counterfeit I, and Young Pilgrims; more information can be found at the show’s Facebook event page. Listen to Stay Home streaming via Bandcamp below.

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