Tigers Jaw has gone through some band drama recently. What was previously reported as a breakup was more recently discovered as the departure of three members of the Pennsylvania punk outfit, but that has not stopped the core duo from performing and releasing new songs in the past few months.

Their newest single, “Hum,” is the first off of their fourth full length album which will be released in early 2014. Recorded with the staying and leaving members of Tigers Jaw at Studio 4, this song is every bit as lazy and groovy as the band ever was. Brianna Collin’s voice sounds wonderful, and it will not be a bad thing if she takes over more of the singing on the next record. With classic Tigers Jaw harmonies, the chorus bulks up as she and Ben Walsh sing “I’m always talkng in circles / I always think until i cant sleep / you are the leaves at my feet / you are the hum of electric heat / I kept myself away / but I’m starting to like the pain.”

The departing members of the bands will be missed, but this single shows that they can progress even through line up changes.