Grungey Doylestown four-piece Daylight released Jar this past April on Run For Cover Records. Recorded at Studio 4 with Will Yip, the album quickly propelled Daylight to the level of Balance and Composure or Title Fight in terms of local punk scene popularity. Riding this release, Daylight made its way through most of the US this year, even playing alongside huge post-rock bands Pianos Become the Teeth and O’Brother.

Before heading off to tour Australia and Japan, Daylight put together a quirky music video for “No One’s Deserving”. The video opens with a man singing along to the lyrics “Afraid / to be myself / alone / I can’t be loved” as he puts on a mouse mascot head. Watch the physical and personal journey this mouse-man takes below, and listen for Daylight on The Key Studio Sessions on tonight’s Philly Local show on WXPN.