Placeholder at Kung Fu Necktie | All photos by James Breslin


Local emo four-piece Placeholder put on a stunning show in the upstairs of a somewhat barren Kung Fu Necktie last night.  Frontman Brandon Gepfer turned up the anger to make their already loud and emotional music even more energetic and entertaining.  Shouting and punching into the air, his voice was on point and even raspier than it is on the band’s three records, which made for a more raw experience.  Guitarist Andrew Gelburd also added to the notable energy of the show, slamming hard on his fat sounding Epiphone and electrifying the room.  Using minimal effects, he created walls of sound that sent the small but enthusiastic crowd into a head banging frenzy.

Placeholders played songs from each of their releases, including standouts “Above” off of I Don’t Need Forgiveness and “Mary” of off Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now.  With a fast and loud punk set taking cues from emo and hardcore, Placeholder puts on an awesome show.  Check out their Facebook page for upcoming shows, which includes a house show in Philly on December 12th.