Crybaby | Photo by James Breslin

Punk locals Crybaby and Casual recently posted songs from their forthcoming split which will be released via Secret Audio Club’s Wax Packs. Bringing the idea of baseball cards to 7″ splits, Wax Packs sends you a random record out of ten possibilities. Each features two songs by two artists, and some of the other local bands featured are Placeholder, The Hundred Acre Woods, and Aspiga.

Crybaby is a three piece from West Chester and their punk rock sound is enhanced by gritty yelling, delectable guitar and bass riffs and swift drum fills. Their first song “Casual” is an original that rocks just as hard as any Crybaby song. With seemingly equal influence from grunge and punk, they play quick riffs that are heavy and full, while throwing in complex guitar lines over the continuously trudging bass and drums.

Vocalist Matt Quinn’s yells are raw, yet controlled, resulting in lines like “We acknowledge there’s a problem but the problem’s never first” that beg for live crowds to sing along to. Their cover of Casual’s “Whitey Tighty” is energized and edgy. Featuring vocals from every member of the band, drummer Alex Lindquist and bassist Ed McNulty add vocals that enhance the wholeness and feel of the song.

Casual is a four piece (one ex-member of NONA) from Flemington, NJ whose pop punk sound contains honest lyrics and down to earth instrumentation that begs you to move to it. Their original song “Poison Counter” follows a straight path led by the cycling guitar riffs and witty lyrics that lead us through the vocalist’s thoughts. After contemplating his thoughts and problems, he belts “we think too much, but not enough / always ending up at we’re all fucked / you cannot change what is wrong / with words to a song”. Casual’s cover of Crybaby’s “Ex-Quarterback Material” is faster and grungier, ending in gang vocals that make the song sound much bigger.

Crybaby’s next show is scheduled for January 17th at Golden Tea House, and Casual will be playing a show in New Jersey on January 16th. Pre-order the Wax Packs vinyl splits here. You can get in touch with the bands about ordering the split right from them as well. Also, watch a strange music video for “Poison Counter”.