Cruisr | Photo by Chris Sembrot | Courtesy of the artist

Big things are afoot in the the Cruisr world. First, note the spelling – that’s not a typo, they Philly indie four-piece has officially dropped the E from their name since we last checked in with them this summer. Second, it’s signed deal with the long-running indie rock label Vagrant Records, and its latest debut EP, All Over, gets a release on September 23rd. Third, how about that title track, right? Released today via the label’s Soundcloud, the song has a big beat and a dancefloor-ready bass groove that will officially move Cruisr out of the “breezy summertime jams” pigeonhole. Sure, you’ll hear the jangley guitar and soaring pop melodies the band is known for, but this song so much punchier and more immediate than we’ve heard from it in the past, the sound of embracing energy, losing control, maybe falling in love, maybe just going ballistic at a crazy party – perhaps a party like the Made in America Festival, which Cruiser plays this weekend. Get tickets and information on the festival at the XPN Concert Calendar,  and preorder the All Over EP here via iTunes.