PREMIERE: Ride the tropical waves of Del Sur's H.A.G.S. EP
Photo of Del Sur taken by Megan Meehan

The weather may be cooling down, but we’re hearing nothing but tropical waves from Del Sur‘s new EP, H.A.G.S. This debut effort from lo-fi recording artist Michael Collier, stands apart from your run-of-the-mill bedroom pop artists releasing EPs left and right. The collection was recorded between Collier’s junior and senior years of high school with pals Connor Watts (bass) and Alex Previty of Triathalon (mixing & mastering). The Yardley native cites his inspiration from “Harvey Cedars, NJ (on LBI), adolescent shenanigans, and babes.”

Each song from the album strikes as a carefully crafted melody with lyrics that are almost entirely tied to Collier’s youth. Past the luau-sound of opening track, “In My Room,” the tone shies away from the super faded beach vibes that seem to find their way onto many contemporary dream pop albums, and it pays off. “Melted Down” and “We’re Not Young” are awesome examples of Del Sur’s musicianship, and even the short transitional beach waltz “The Tide Is Coming In” has a melancholic bounce to it, much like the feeling of late summertime as a teenager.

The EP edges just over 15 minutes but we’re excited to hear more from this youngster. Stream it below.

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