Unlocked: How well do you know the members of DRGN KING?
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DRGN KING core members Dominic Angelella, Brent “Ritz” Reynolds, Steve Montenegro and Joe Baldacci have been established as a band for four years, but each individual has had a presence as a mainstay on the Philly music scene for years. So this leaves us with the question—when were YOU listening to one of DRGN KING’s boys without realizing it? With the help of friends involved in other projects, each musician has been able to stake roles as MVP’s on the 215 music map. Test your knowledge on other places you may have heard Reynolds’ flawless production or seen “the red-haired Jesus” shredding in the background.

DRGN KING’s roots lie in a project called:

A)     Dragonsword
B)     Kingzord
C)     Dragonzord
D)     Dragonbeatz

Speaking of roots, Angelella was part of a band with The Roots’ Dice Raw and Roots’ contributor Khari Mateen. This band was called:

A)     Bourgeois
B)     Nouveau Riche
C)     newstome
D)     Okayplayer

Reynolds is mixing the newest album Aquarius for rising R&B star ___ . Who is she? (Hint: she has a track called “Pretend” which features A$AP Rocky.)

A)     Tinashe
B)     Jhene Aiko
C)     Kelela
D)    Jessie Ware

This ancient video shows a rap battle happening between Angelella and another band. Without checking out the video’s caption, do you know if Angelella was part of Hop Along or the now defunct Dangerous Ponies?

A)     Hop Along
B)     Dangerous Ponies

Guitarist Joe Baldacci was part of a show last autumn playing the entirety of Elvis Costello’s Blood & Chocolate with which local musician?

A)     Ali Wadsworth
B)     Birdie Busch
C)     Ross Bellenoit
D)     All of the above

Angelella was in a band called Elevator Fight with which songstress?

A)     Jill Scott
B)     Joss Stone
C)     Solange Knowles
D)     Zoe Kravitz

Bassist Steve Montenegro and Baldacci have been involved in the latest effort from which XPNFest alum?

A)     Dave Hause
B)     Viv and the Revival
C)     Old 97s
D)     Man Man

Eric Slick and Angelella have been the brains behind Lithuania since 2005, and Slick’s sister Julie played bass on the first DRGN KING EP. Mr. Eric Slick is part of what band of hometown heroes?

A)     War on Drugs
B)     Dr. Dog
C)     Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
D)     meWithoutYou

Which rapper appeared on the first DRGN KING EP after Reynolds assisted in tracks for him?

A)     Wale
B)     Black Thought
C)     Peedi Crakk
D)     Freeway

Which two members of DRGN KING performed a session at Highwire Gallery last year? (Video here)

A)     Joe Baldacci and Dominic Angelella
B)     Dominic Angelella and Brent Reynolds
C)     Brent Reynolds and Steve Montenegro
D)     Steve Montenegro and Joe Baldacci

Answers: C, B, A, A, C, D, B, B, C, D

Thanks for following this week’s series Unlocking DRGN KING’s sophomore album, Baltimore Crush! You can pick up a download of “Undertow” from Monday’s post, check out our review of the album here, read our interview with Angelella and watch him play a bare bones version of “St. Tom’s.Baltimore Crush is out this week on Bar/None Records.

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