Aaron Brown | photo by Steve Parke

Local soul singer Aaron Parnell Brown has shared a song off of his forthcoming full-length The Tin Man as a limited time free download. “Just Leave” is a bittersweet track with clear 70s overtones, looking to Stevie Wonder as a reference point for its smooth vocals and jazzy instrumentation.

From Brown:

When I wrote “Just Leave” with my buddy and bandmate Adam Zielinski about a year ago, I was just so excited about its potential to be like one of those great 70’s soul songs that just instantly draws you in with a cool intro, a really killer groove, and very colorful chord changes that help the listener feel what’s going on in the content of the song.


The lyrics for the song were inspired by the lyrics of many of Nina Simone’s songs where they depict life as much more complicated and nuanced than just in black and white/right or wrong (i.e. “Don’t Explain,” “Don’t Smoke in Bed,” & “Either Way I Lose”). I’m very interested in exploring the “grey” in life because to me it’s much closer to the truth of how life really is.

Recorded in New York, The Tin Man sees Brown stepping out from his previous moniker of Aaron and the Spell and using his own name for the project.  He still worked with a number of collaborators on the album though, including musicians who have played with Norah Jones, Steve Gadd, Ray Charles and Whitney Houston.

The Tin Man will be released next spring. Stream and download “Just Leave” below.  Aaron Brown performs at The Dawson Street Pub on January 24th; more information can be found on the Facebook event page here.