Cover photo by Rachel Del Sordo

This is usually the part where I wax philosophical about the Philadelphia music scene, the amazing breadth of talent it contains, the standout artists in a whole range of genres we’re showcasing on this latest comp, but you know what? It’s New Year’s Eve. We all have parties to get to. I’ll be brief.

The Key Studio Sessions Volume 12 is our latest overview of our incredible music community, and it features artists that will make you dance (Cheerleader, Sugar Tongue Slim, You Do You) artists that will make you rock the eff out (Mumblr, Thee Idea Men, Tinmouth, Thin Lips), and artists that will tug your heartstrings (Dirty Dollhouse, No Stranger, Tin Bird Choir, Paper Hearts).

Jen Pague’s vocal on “Mmm Chka Mm” by Vita and the Woolf will knock you out; Aaron Livingston of Son Little performed “Joy” in a bathrobe and slippers and it’s all the awesomer for it. Dark Blue rocked out in low lights and silhouette for a pretty rad video of “Just Another Night With The Boys” and it’s all the awesomer for that. 18 eclectic, impressive performances are contained within. Bookmark this page before you go out and download it tomorrow, or grab a quick download now. You’ll be thankful you did (as will I, and the artists).

Major thanks go to production assistants Dan Hatton and Dan Malloy; photographers Rachel Del Sordo, Carina Giamerese, Dan McGurk, Chris Sikich, Kelsey Stanger and videographer Bob Sweeney. Listen to the comp and download it for free below.