Girlpool | Photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

I saw the guitar and bass duo Girlpool play an acoustic benefit show at the Hazel House during their first week living here after moving from LA. Since then, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad have gone on tour with Alex G and are currently on tour with Waxahatchee, so they’ve been keeping busy. With an upcoming record out this June, Girlpool shared the title track off their album Before The World Was Big today.

As someone close to their age and starting to understand adulthood, it’s incredible to hear them turn simple feelings into symbolic works of music. The title track opens with sporadic notes from a glockenspiel that reminds me of a pre-school era and simplicity. The notes are interrupted by a funky guitar and bassline that work off each other unequivocally. The observational lyrics are uncanny, noting the typical everyday sights we wouldn’t put a thought to today. “Every crack in the sidewalk below my feet / green, black and blue trash cans.”

Sometimes you don’t need a dozen instruments to make a compelling piece of music. They turn the chorus into a counter melody as they each sing over each other “I just miss how it felt standing next to you wearing matching dresses before the world was big.” After listening to this track, I felt an overwhelming nostalgia for my hometown. Before The World Was Big comes out June 2 through Wichita Recordings. Listen to the track from Girlpool below, check out their Key Studio Session here and catch them playing at Repo Records this Saturday for Record Store Day.