Photo by Jackie Papanier

Philadelphia artist Anna Ladd released her latest effort The Cancer of my Tongue Behind my Teeth, >an eight song album that encompasses spoken word and lo-fi bedroom rock. Her words are often accompanied by the soothing lull of an acoustic guitar which make their honesty ring out all the more true.

“Wasps” is a proper introduction to the record, setting of the tone for what is to come and allowing the listener to feel at home with the narrator. Ladd’s utterance of “I wonder if I’m inquisitive or if I just like the sound of my own voice,” is all too relate-able, calling upon the self-doubt that goes hand in hand with being human. “Empathy” is the shortest track on the album, clocking in at just under one minute long, and features droning vocals. It is a sharp contrast to “Recovery Looks How I Want It To,” where each word is clear and poignant. Ladd utilizes the art of silence, realizing that sometimes it is the loudest means of communication. Listen to the album below.