Ron Gallo | Photo via

Philly’s Ron Gallo has taken his career on some bizarre twists and turns since his roots-rock outfit Toy Soldiers disbanded last year. He’s landed residencies in New York hotel lobbies in the style of the jazz greats he admires. He’s made nervy and somewhat trippy music videos. He slapped a slice of pizza on his face for an album cover.

But here’s one we didn’t see coming at all. Gallo has launched a new covers project on Soundcloud, an ongoing archive where he can take songs he loves and make them his own in unexpected ways. I don’t know that he possibly could have given a more extreme example of this vision than the first recording in the series: a rendition of “False Jessi Part 2” by Philly thrash ragers Pissed Jeans, re-imagined so it sort of kind of sounds like Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut.”

Listen and download the song below, and keep taps on Gallo’s covers playlist here.