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This Friday, Philly-via-Allentown punk band Pissed Jeans plays the Ardmore Music Hall to celebrate “People Person,” a collaborative pale ale brewed with Tired Hands Brewing Company and named after the leading track from their clamorous Sub-Pop debut, Hope For Men. Tired Hands co-founder/brewer Jean Broillet and the brewing team, who share an affinity for noise punk, worked with band members to brew the hoppy, sessionable ale that is crafted for drinking at a Pissed Jeans show.

Broillet said, “Their music invites movement and confrontation, so you don’t want to be piss drunk off a 9% beer while that’s happening, otherwise you might lose a few teeth.” Tired Hands is planning to make this type of beer-and-music collab a regular occurrence, and Broillet is hoping people will embrace the partnership between the communities as “decidedly Philadelphia.”

Tired Hands has a history of working with bands, but the whole idea came to fruition when Ardmore Music Hall asked if the brewer would be interested in hosting some shows at the venue, which is right across the street from their newly-opened fermentaria. Broillet jumped at the opportunity, and says “if it works out well, every month we’ll be putting on one show or so at Ardmore Music Hall. Part of that dynamic is we’ll be working with the headlining band to brew a beer as well as create a special image for a glass and a t-shirt.” Broillet also said that choosing Pissed Jeans for their inaugural gig was really intuitive. They’ve always been big fans of the band, and Pissed Jeans drummer Sean McGuinness works as a bartender in their fermentaria, so it was easy to form a creative relationship.

From there, the group got to work on making some beer. Tired Hands and Pissed Jeans had some inspiration,  a Belgian ale named Taras Boulba, which led them to produce a crushable pale ale with Belgian yeast, Pennsylvania honey, and European hops grown on American soil. On brewing, McGuinness says, “I didn’t impose flavor so much as attitude – foul language and bad breath. Scary stuff,” but that “it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Brewing, it seems, is actually a lot of hard manual labor, a dedication to patience and a willingness to roll with the flow of what is happening.”

There are only 3 things in this world that would cause our very own @yumsean to make this face: making drum beats, making love and making beer. Come see us Oct16th at @ardmoremusichall and try the appropriately named People Person beer collaboration with @tiredhandsbrewing

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The same could be said for Pissed Jeans’ work ethic. Being in an abrasive punk band demands a lasting intensity, and the band seems to understand that downtime keeps them limber. McGuinness notes, “It takes us a lot longer than most bands to write and record and book shows and tour, but that rubric works for the Jeans. If we were full time, open throttle, 6 to Midnight every day we would have long burned out by now. Our sluggish pace keeps us engaged and refreshed.” So while it has been two years since the band’s latest release, Honeys, fans can rest easy knowing that Pissed Jeans is recharging and working on demos in between their physically-demanding shows.

With unique beer on tap and one of our area’s most tenacious punk bands on the stage, this local collaboration will grow into its full form on Friday night at the intimate Ardmore Music Hall. Looking forward to the night, McGuinness said, “on a regular basis, I myself am at a loss for what to expect from a Jeans show at any venue in any town. We trust each other as musicians to the point where we are totally comfortable allowing things to happen. It helps to not have to think so hard and just play, react to what the audience brings and try to have as much fun as possible!,” while Broillet eagerly declared: “It’s gonna be a badass show.”

Get tickets to the show, which will feature support from M Ax Noi Mach and Nap, here.

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