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The Menzingers at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company | photo by James Breslin

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company’s taproom was filled with singing punks baring inebriated smiles this past Saturday night.

Local staples The Menzingers teamed up with their friends at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company in Croydon, PA to brew an Imperial Kolsch style beer. They dubbed the hoppy brew “Menzinger,” and tapped a limited release at five o’clock on Saturday to prepare the large crowd for a night of acoustic punk. Along with the the easy-drinking 8% ABV Menzinger, the crowd was treated to performances from New York’s Broadcaster, Philly’s critically acclaimed Beach Slang, and of course, The Menzingers.

The first two performances of the night were stripped down rather than acoustic, being amped up with an electric guitar. Broadcaster’s Jesse Litwa and Tom Kelly opened the night with dual guitars and an upbeat set of catchy pop punk. James Alex of Beach Slang similarly brought an infectious energy, with a distinct vocal tone and spirited songwriting. He breezed through tracks from the band’s three praised releases, and stirred up a similar feeling to that of The Replacements.

All of The Menzingers were active for their set. Greg Barnett and Tom May cheerfully took the stage with their acoustics, while bassist Eric Keen and drummer Joe Godino slung drinks from behind the bar. The performance was extended due to technical difficulties, but the duo decided to just cut the cords and go full-on acoustic until the team could remedy the situation. Even with those roadblocks, The Menzingers and the crowd didn’t skip a beat. Whether it was the lenient, DIY atmosphere or boozed-up, devout fans, the show stayed strong and the audience remained in good spirits.

The Menzos delivered with tracks from Rented World and On the Impossible Past, which worked extremely well in the acoustic, sing-along setting. Their playful attitude and copious beer-drinking added to the lively set, and some of their most exhilarating takes were of “Ava House,” “I Don’t Wanna Be an Asshole Anymore,” and “Casey.”

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