Woven In | Photo by Bob Sweeney | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly surf-punk minimalist Woven In caught our attention last year with driving, atmospheric jams and a raw guitar rawk energy. The latest from Mariah Johnson (guitar, vocals, songwriting) and Brandon Och (drums) is the propulsive video for a song called “Midriff,” which we caught over at Radio Static Philly the other day.

Directed by Bob Sweeney, the video is flickering, frenetic and fantastic, with black-and-white footage of Johnson and her guitar shot on 16mm film layered into a dreamlike double-exposure.

Watch it below, and listen to Woven In’s recent EP New City No Money over at Bandcamp. NYC peeps: you can catch Johnson and Och live at the Cake Shop on March 24th and at Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn on March 25th.