Radiohead | photos by Alex Lake | courtesy of the artist


Here’s a sample of what’s coming up Monday night at 8pm on our New Music Show:

“Daydreaming” by RADIOHEAD

With the release of a brand new album, we’ll make sure to dig in deep to new music from Thom Yorke and company. After erasing themselves from the internet less than a week ago, Radiohead is back in a major way.  Here’s one of the tracks we’re sure to spin on the show:


“Humbug Mountain Song” by FRUIT BATS

Fronted and fueled by singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson, Fruit Bats have endeared themselves to folk-rock audiences for years. Their new album Absolute Loser comes out this Friday (same day they’ll join us for Free at Noon). It’s an album full of jangly gems like this one, “Humbug Mountain Song” … have a listen:


First Impression Artist: ARBOR LABOR UNION

Athens, Georgia has a history of great rock and roll. Now, allow us to introduce you to our latest finding from the area, ARBOR LABOR UNION.  Having just signed to Sub Pop Records, the band is interesting on a number of different levels.  There’s certainly a power and muscular element to their music, but at the same time it’s expansive and rebelliously repetitive.  Their album I Hear You comes out May 13th (this Friday) and we’ll feature the band tonight as our First Impression Artist.  Here’s a little sample:


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