Ryley Walker | Photo by Dusdin Condren


Here’s a sample of what’s coming up Monday night at 8pm on our New Music Show:

“Frankie Sinatra” by THE AVALANCHES

Over the last few days we’ve received a LOT of new music but none of it really hits the nostalgia button quite like this! The Australian outfit released their debut album Since I Left You in 2000 and rode a wave of success thanks to the quirky and infectious hit single “Frontier Psychiatrist”.  Rumors have swirled for over a decade about a follow-up album, and behold in 2016 the second album from The Avalanches is official. Wildflower is set for release, and their first single picks up right where they left off 16 years ago.


“The Halfwit in Me” by RYLEY WALKER

One of the things that fans love about Ryley Walker is that his music harkens back to a time much older than the songwriter himself. He’s a masterful mood setter.  The follow-up to the critically acclaimed album Primrose Green is set for a release this August.  The album, titled Golden Sings That Have Been Sung, is again witness to Walker’s incredible guitar playing and growth as a songwriter.


First Impression Artist: PSYCHIC ILLS

Tres Warren and Elizabeth Hart are the centerpiece of the New York based band Psychic Ills. It’d be incorrect to call them newcomers, as the duo has been putting out records for close to a decade.  But Psychic Ills are sure to find a much larger audience with the release of their new album Inner Journey Out.  A fully realized effort the album wraps up a myriad of musical influences into a delightful psychedelic journey.  Hope Sandoval lends her voice to the project and for fans of Mazzy Star or even The War on Drugs, Psychic Ills deliver a must-listen.

And check out even more new music that we’ll be spinning on the show via our XPN Best New Music Spotify Playlist: