Spoon | Photo by Joe Del Tufo | joedeltufo.com

The last we heard from Austin indie rockers Spoon, they were rocking the stage at Firefly in 2015 in support of their eighth album, They Want My Soul, released on Lomo Vista Records in 2014. They also played a terrific Free at Noon concert on Labor Day Weekend in 2014, the morning after playing a rainswept Made In America. Since then, it’s been a little quiet, but the band is notably studio perfectionists, and it looks like their ninth album may be on the way in 2017.

Last night, the band updated their social media accounts for the first time in a minute with a x-ray style painting of a human skull.


Pretty badass, right? No caption commentary from the band , nothing directly indicating anything new — just a rad image. Except it was also posted simultaneously on esteemed indie rock label Matador Records in the same manner.


The label released the band’s first two records, 1996’s Telephono and 1997’s Soft Effects EP. So yeah, it certainly seems like this is the band and label’s digital marketing way of telling us without telling us that Spoon is returning home to Matador Records for…something in 2017.

(h/t Pitchfork)

Watch their Free at Noon performance of “Do You” below.