Jesse Barki | Photo via

Jesse Barki of Philly’s favorite Lancaster four-piece The Mellowells just released a solo record on Bandcamp called Lightning Coma and it’s a heck of a good listen. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Swapping out The Mellowells’ indie pop-rock vibes for folky punk-esque feels not too distant from Pinegrove, Barki’s release features eight tracks of easy-flowing melodies and personal and introspective lyrics.

Opening jam “A Long Time Coming” begins the album with a combination of hope/excitement/slight trepidation of what’s to come. “Side Effects” verges more on a more acoustic punk side than folk, then trailing off in a beachy-twang twist. And “All I’ve Ever Known” brings a bigger sound, complete with a fuller chorus of voices and an epic guitar solo ending.

Personal favorites “Upstate New York” and “When I Was Two Years Old” seamlessly meld in to one another to portray nostalgic and thoughtful reminisces of childhood and family, while the final track, “Lightning Coma (Salutations),” featuring underlying thunder and rain clips, closes out the album with a piano driven send off that pulls between peaceful and discordant notes.  Overall, Lightning Coma is a thoughtfully crafted, impressive record that shows off Barki’s wide-ranging, genre-crossing talents as a singer and songwriter.

Although Barki does not have any solo shows currently scheduled, you can catch an epic set on March 8th when The Mellowells open for Turnover at the Chameleon Club on March 8th.  Listen to Lightning Coma below.