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If you haven’t heard of new Philly band Henry yet, you have much wonderful listening to do. Previously working under the name Bloom, the band recently released not one, but two brand spanking new albums, Is Paris Burning? and oui ja yes!. While a double album release may sound like quite a hefty move for such a fresh band, these releases sound anything but fledgling. Though Henry incorporates various genres and sounds throughout the albums, they refrain from sounding finicky and unsure by exuding a noticeable element of confidence –weaving a cohesive, mature effect throughout the albums.

With most of the tunes ranging from about a minute and a half to three minutes, the songs that make up Is Paris Burning? and oui ja yes! easily meld into one another. Still sweet individually, Is Paris Burning? especiallyis best when listened to in its smart and thoughtfully placed order, with the album as a whole.

Opening Paris tracks, “Indigo” and “Blinded,” acclimate listeners with chill vibes, then steadily introduce more experimental sounds in “Neue Phase.” Knowing when to bring back the slower vibes, “Interlude” directs listeners back to Henry’s core moody and relaxed vibes. Intentionally trailing off with a good ten seconds of complete silence, next track “Porch” explodes into consciousness with shoe-gazey noise-filled greatness.”Floodlights” and “A Thousand Points of Life” pulls it back again, blending the perfect amount of experimental with low-key vibes, and prepping for the album send-off of the more stripped down, romantic tunes, “Redacted” and “Her.”

oui ja yes! features five quick tracks that edge into a dreamier mixtape soundscape, where songs “Tokyo” and “Dreaming of Some Space” add a splash of more upbeat, beachy pop to the collection.

Though there currently isn’t any word on upcoming Henry shows, I would definitely keep an eye out, because if these two albums are any indication, this band is just getting started. Listen to Is Paris Burning? and oui ja yes! below.

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