Soraia | photo by Beth Herzhaft

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a frontwoman for a badass hard rock band? If you’re like me, your answer probably fell somewhere along the lines of “only all of the time always.” I mean, c’mon, these ladies are the epitome of coolness and kick-assery. A prime example: ZouZou Mansour of Philly rock group, Soraia. Local blog My Life in Sound is helping us unworthy plebeians live out our rockstar dreams vicariously through ZouZou’s tour diary, which documents Soraia’s time jamming along the East Coast this spring.

In the first two entries, readers find that being a rock queen is not easy business, as ZouZou confides in the understandable worry of kickstarting a tour with a sinus infection. Not affecting the first show of the night, ZouZou writes quite the opposite by stating, “We hit the stage and F-I-R-E. SWEET FIRE. I felt like a thoroughbred horse breaking stride right out of the gate. YES I DID.”

But glorious, horse-striding, “sweet fire” sets amidst a sinus infection comes at a price–which is detailed in an understandably less enthusiastic second entry, in which ZouZou recounts a singer’s worst nightmare: losing her voice during a show.

Follow along here for what’s hopefully a swift recovery, and stay tuned for the rest of of Soraia’s tour, as told by ZouZou. Listen to their track, “Electrocutioner,” below.