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There is an undeniable sweetness present in Heeyoon Wan’s project, Boosegumps. From the shiny, upbeat instrumentation, to the simple yet poignant songwriting, Boosegumps continuously creates cheery pop tunes that are grounded in melancholic honesty. The recently-released five-track EP, heart peach, is a testament to this.

Opening song, “reminds me of you” drips with sugar-coated 8-bit peppiness, fitting for a Princess Peach theme song; with aptly-named “slow rock” then dialing the pep down a few spins–prodding listeners along a Candy Land lazy river. Next track, “waltz” is an instrumental dreamy escape, that melds into the 53 second  tease “about dogs.” With lyrics such as “I tell every dog I meet / I love you” there’s not much more wholesome you can get. Stripped down and subdued, “cosmic, then wraps a bow around the EP, with lyrics serving as an ode to one of the good Lord’s greatest creations: the Little Debbies delicacy, Cosmic Brownies.

Boosegumps plays All Night Diner tomorrow night with Witch H(c)unt — who you can learn more about in our interview here.  Listen to the saccharine-saturated EP, heart peach, below.

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