Tash Sultana | photo courtesy of the artist

If you have not graced your ears and eyes with Tash Sultana‘s performance for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, I highly suggest you do that pronto. Because let me tell, ya, wow. Just a whole bunch of wow.

There are some people who are just meant to be musicians, and Tash Sultana is one of them. During the set, in which she performs “Jungle,” “Notion,” and “Blackbird,” the music flows through her in such an effortless way, even as she juggles guitar, keyboards, samplers and a powerful vocal delivery.  It’s impossible not to mirror Sultana’s grins as she exudes an aura of pure, infectious confidence and joy.

You can experience this amazing performance live when Tash Sultana plays Union Transfer this October. Find out more info on tickets here and watch the awe-inducing Tiny Desk Concert below.